House of Empowerment®

Representation of the House of Empowerment

In this company-internal development program, executives are empowered to ‚empower‘ their employees.

Empowerment stands for:

  • More self-initiative and self-responsibility
  • More creativity and openness for new things
  • More performance orientation and commitment
  • Higher loyalty to the company and its leadership
  • Less crises and conflicts

All in all, this means a higher performance of the entire organization.

As a first step, management skills are measured with regard to their ability to empower employees. The methods a) self-image, b) anonymous staff survey and c) deep psychology interview are available. This results in an overall picture, which we will illustrate as the House of Empowerment®.

House of Empowerment® is our registered trademark.

Red stands for a high demand of action!

House of Empowerment Vertriebstraining Verkaufstraining Führungstraining Alexander Verweyen

The personal leadership competencies are represented in the traffic lights. Each executive receives its own result. Strengths and deficits can be seen at a glance.

Procedure and how it works

House of Empowerment Führungstraining Verkaufstraining Vertriebstraining Alexander Verweyen

Between the first and the second measurement of empowerment skills there are 6 one-day workshops. Here, executives are specifically trained in small groups on a need-oriented basis. In doing so, you should deepen or strengthen strengths (green) and reduce deficits (red).

In addition, each executive receives their individual training plan: Concrete „homework“ for the period between the workshops and after the completion of the program guarantee the sustainable success of transfer to practice for more employee empowerment.

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