Basics of leadership

Situation und content of basics of leadership

Usually executives have demonstrated high skills in the course of their careers. Entrusted tasks have been completed sucessfully and with reliabilitiy. Their promotion is the logical consequence of their outstanding performance so far. This leadership seminar focuses on the challenges of prospective executives.

With the new responsibility, however, the requirements and expectations also grow. New skills such as employee motivation, strategic planning and vision are required.

This is about the further development of the leader, accepting the role as a leader and filling it authentically.

Grundlagen der Führung

Which tasks are done by the manager?

Developing awareness and clarity of the role as a leader

  • Going into the lead and winning others for themselves and the cause
  • Sovereignty and self-confidence are not a gift

Finding the right leadership style

  • What leadership styles are there and which ones can be used today?
  • Effective strategies for managing employees

Management techniques and their use

  • Professional instruments and methods for leadership
  • The 6 most important tools of successful leadership

Psychological aspects in the management of employees

  • Communication as the main task in the leadership
  • Nine theses of leading employees courageously

Stress and self-management as a leader

  • The right way to deal with expectations, pressure and requirements
  • Setting priorities right and actively shaping the day

How important is self-reflection for a leader?

  • Ways and methods for more self-reflection beyond the day-to-day business
  • The view from the outside: How do I manage my tasks?

Proper handling of employees

  • Establishing positive contacts and supporting your employees effectively
  • What you should expect from your employees

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