Laetitia Zhuo


Name:Laetitia Zhuo
I can execute trainings in the following languages:English, French and Chinese (mandarin and cantonese)
Short Introduction:Laetitia Zhuo, a transformative consultant trainer with a remarkable sales background in different industries. With 15 years of experience as a sales director in the countries France, China, and Singapore, Laetitia brings a unique perspective to her training approach.
Skills:NLP Master-practionner, career coach
Experience in Sales:More than 15 years in product and service sales
What is crucial in my trainings?To raise individual genius zone within collective intelligence
My philosophy as a trainer:to empower individuals and organizations to thrive by combining industries’ challenges, neuroscience, and value selling with a strong emphasis on soft skills and unlocking their true potential.
My trainings are sustainable because:I unlock each individual’s unseen potential by helping them to replace limited believes to go to sales excellency
Most participants say that:I am a trustful and innovative trainer
Success in Sales means for me:sales goes beyond mere numbers or transactions; it lies in fostering genuine connections with customers and by enjoying every challenge.

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